Brasil – Natal Stadium

Nation: Brasil

Project: Natal Stadium


Dune Arena in Natal, Brazil is newly-built for Brazil World Cup which is needed a new IP CCTV system for protection of public security.

The stadium deployed the Tiandy solution to cover the entire seating area and field. In total, the project will add more than 200 Tiandy HD cameras to the facility. The seating area and field are monitored by 2Megapixel (MP) HD Pro cameras to provide clear visual detail and the ability to zoom in to select locations as necessary while Tiandy 2MP HD PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras provide additional coverage.

Video data is recorded on Tiandy 64ch NVR. These recording systems are well known for their unsurpassed quality and reliability. RAID 5 and redundant power supplies guarantee the highest possible level of recording availability. Image material from the system has received an LGC Forensics certification, which means that it can be used as evidence in court.

For managing the system, operators can make use of Tiandy Easy7 CMS management software with joystick. Easy7 is a high-performance, future-oriented video management system designed with maximum operator convenience in mind. It offers an extensive suite of functions covering live image display, a wide variety of search functions in the recorded material, control of the PTZ cameras and even simple archiving of sequences of interest.