London – Heathrow Airport

Project: Heathrow Airport


Vertical Market: Transportation

Technology Features:
High Definition IP system
Distributed Remote Monitoring
IVA(Intelligent Video Analysis function)

Heathrow offers a digital CCTV solution with the initial focus on deployment at Heathrow, ensuring the security of your passengers, staff, passenger luggage and equipment. Heathrow offers a new CCTV infrastructure based upon digital technologies which allows a far greater flexibility in its use and enables cross-agency collaboration.

Heathrow video security system, in what is believed to be the modest system in UK to
deploy a surveillance solution with 100% IP cameras, which covers the public areas inside the
mall as well as the parking lots and surrounding areas, was designed and installed by TIANDY approved partners in UK.

All cameras are continuously recorded for a minimum of 30 days using TIANDY standalone Network Video Recorder (NVR) running on a custom software built server with 216TB of Raid 6 storage. TIANDY’s class-leading compression technology in combination with a unique feature helps reduce the overall storage requirement. Further more, the NVR provides IVS function, such as left&foreign detection to help passengers to get back the belongings.